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SubjectRe: [PATCH] thermal: of: Allow selection of thermal governor in DT

On 05/03/18 18:36, Amit Kucheria wrote:
> From: Ram Chandrasekar <>
> There is currently no way for the governor to be selected for each thermal
> zone in devicetree.

How is that any different from cpufreq, cpuidle or devfreq subsystems ?

> This results in the default governor being used for all
> thermal zones even though no such restriction exists in the core code.

What restrictions ?

> Add support for specifying the thermal governor to be used for a thermal
> zone in the devicetree.

Then what prevents us from doing the same for other subsystems with so
called /inefficient default/ governors ?

> The devicetree config should specify the governor
> name as a string that matches any available governors. If not specified, we
> maintain the current behaviour of using the default governor.

If one is specified, can the user change it from sysfs ? If
yes, then why do we need this binding at all ? If no, we are basically
restricting, then what would happen if the DT was shipped with wrong
governor specified because the firmware author didn't know about any
other governor ?

IMO, having this in DT is bad idea as it may cause more issues than
gain. We already have sysfs support like other PM subsystems and
userspace can deal with it.


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