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SubjectRE: Re: [PATCH v2] mm/page_owner: ignore everything below the IRQ entry point
Hi Dmitry,

>Every user of stack_depot should filter out irq frames, without that
>stack_depot will run out of memory sooner or later. so this is a
>change in the right direction.
>Do we need to define empty version of in_irqentry_text? Shouldn't only
>filter_irq_stacks be used by kernel code?

We thought about this but since we were adding both the APIs filter_irq_stacks & in_irqentry_text
in header file so we thought of defining empty definition for both as both the APIs are accessible
to the module who is going to include header file.

If you think empty definition of in_irqentry_text() is not requited then we will modify & resend the

Thanks & Regards,
Vaneet Narang

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