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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/13] Major code reorganization to make all i2c transfers working
On 2018-03-24 17:52, Wolfram Sang wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 06:44:49PM +0530, Abhishek Sahu wrote:
>> * v2:
>> 1. Address review comments in v1
>> 2. Changed the license to SPDX
>> 3. Changed commit messages for some of the patch having more detail
>> 4. Removed event-based completion and changed transfer completion
>> detection logic in interrupt handler
>> 5. Removed dma_threshold and blk_mode_threshold from global structure
>> 6. Improved determine mode logic for QUP v2 transfers
>> 7. Fixed function comments
>> 8. Fixed auto build test WARNING ‘idx' may be used uninitialized
>> in this function
>> 9. Renamed tx/rx_buf to tx/rx_cnt
>> * v1:
>> The current driver is failing in following test case
>> 1. Handling of failure cases is not working in long run for BAM
>> mode. It generates error message “bam-dma-engine 7884000.dma:
>> Cannot
>> free busy channel” sometimes.
>> 2. Following I2C transfers are failing
>> a. Single transfer with multiple read messages
>> b. Single transfer with multiple read/write message with maximum
>> allowed length per message (65K) in BAM mode
>> c. Single transfer with write greater than 32 bytes in QUP v1 and
>> write greater than 64 bytes in QUP v2 for non-DMA mode.
>> 3. No handling is present for Block/FIFO interrupts. Any non-error
>> interrupts are being treated as the transfer completion and then
>> polling is being done for available/free bytes in FIFO.
>> To fix all these issues, major code changes are required. This patch
>> series fixes all the above issues and makes the driver interrupt based
>> instead of polling based. After these changes, all the mentioned test
>> cases are working properly.
>> The code changes have been tested for QUP v1 (IPQ8064) and QUP
>> v2 (IPQ8074) with sample application written over i2c-dev.
>> Abhishek Sahu (13):
>> i2c: qup: fix copyrights and update to SPDX identifier
>> i2c: qup: fixed releasing dma without flush operation completion
>> i2c: qup: minor code reorganization for use_dma
>> i2c: qup: remove redundant variables for BAM SG count
>> i2c: qup: schedule EOT and FLUSH tags at the end of transfer
>> i2c: qup: fix the transfer length for BAM RX EOT FLUSH tags
>> i2c: qup: proper error handling for i2c error in BAM mode
>> i2c: qup: use the complete transfer length to choose DMA mode
>> i2c: qup: change completion timeout according to transfer length
>> i2c: qup: fix buffer overflow for multiple msg of maximum xfer len
>> i2c: qup: send NACK for last read sub transfers
>> i2c: qup: reorganization of driver code to remove polling for qup v1
>> i2c: qup: reorganization of driver code to remove polling for qup v2
> Applied to for-next, thanks! Also thanks to the reviewers!

Thanks Wolfram for your help in getting this big
patch series applied to for-next.

Thanks to Andy, Sricharan, Austin and other reviewers for
reviewing/testing the patches.


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