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SubjectRe: [PATCH] locks: change POSIX lock ownership on execve when files_struct is displaced
On Sat, 2018-03-17 at 15:05 +0000, Al Viro wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 10:25:20AM -0400, Jeff Layton wrote:
> > From: Jeff Layton <>
> >
> > POSIX mandates that open fds and their associated file locks should be
> > preserved across an execve. This works, unless the process is
> > multithreaded at the time that execve is called.
> >
> > In that case, we'll end up unsharing the files_struct but the locks will
> > still have their fl_owner set to the address of the old one. Eventually,
> > when the other threads die and the last reference to the old
> > files_struct is put, any POSIX locks get torn down since it looks like
> > a close occurred on them.
> >
> > The result is that all of your open files will be intact with none of
> > the locks you held before execve. The simple answer to this is "use OFD
> > locks", but this is a nasty surprise and it violates the spec.
> >
> > On a successful execve, change ownership of any POSIX file_locks
> > associated with the old files_struct to the new one, if we ended up
> > swapping it out.
> TBH, I don't like the way you implement that. Why not simply use
> iterate_fd()?

Ahh, I wasn't aware of it. I copied the loop in change_lock_owners from
close_files. I'll have a look at iterate_fd().

Jeff Layton <>

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