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SubjectRe: [V9fs-developer] [RFC] we should solve create-unlink-getattr idiom
Hi Yiwen, all,

On 2/9/2018 8:10 AM, jiangyiwen wrote:
> Hi Eric and Greg,
> I encountered the similar problem with create-unlink-getattr idiom.
> I use the testcase that create-unlink-setattr idiom, and I see the
> bug is reported at
> Then I also see you already fix the issue and push the patch to upstream.
> Unfortunately, the two patches are not merged into master, I don't know
> the reason, so I suggest if the patche can be merged into master, and
> it will solve the create-unlink-getattr idiom.

As a follow up - the create-unlink-setattr (mainly ftruncate and anything
else which works on fd instead of path) isn't fixed by these patches, but
I'm currently working on a new patch, obviously on top of those two, to
make the setattr work too.

It's based on the same logic as the above patches though - use FIDs with
open fd's guest side and use open fd's host side if possible with f*
functions, otherwise path with l* functions.

It's bigger than the QEMU getattr patch, as there are no f* functions
available for ftruncate case, for example.

So if those two patches could be merged it'd be a lot easier to then
go forward with the setattr fix.

Thank you!

> Thanks,
> Yiwen
> .

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