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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/3] Revert "e1000e: Do not read ICR in Other interrupt"
On 2018/01/29 09:22, Alexander Duyck wrote:
> > Consequently, we must clear OTHER manually from ICR, otherwise the
> > interrupt is immediately re-raised after exiting the handler.
> >
> > These observations are the same whether the interrupt is triggered via a
> > write to ICS or in hardware.
> >
> > Furthermore, I tested that this behavior is the same for other Other
> > events (MDAC, SRPD, ACK, MNG). Those were tested via a write to ICS
> > only, not in hardware.
> >
> > This is a version of the test patch that I used to trigger lsc and rxo in
> > software and hardware. It applies over this patch series.
> I plan to look into this some more over the next few days. Ideally if
> we could mask these "OTHER" interrupts besides the LSC we could comply
> with all the needed bits for MSI-X. My concern is that we are still
> stuck reading the ICR at this point because of this and it is going to
> make dealing with MSI-X challenging on 82574 since it seems like the
> intention was that you weren't supposed to be reading the ICR when
> MSI-X is enabled based on the list of current issues and HW errata.

I totally agree with you that it looks like the msi-x interface was
designed so you don't need to read icr. That's also why I was happy to
go that direction with the (now infamous) commit 16ecba59bc33 ("e1000e:
Do not read ICR in Other interrupt", v4.5-rc1).

However, we looked at it before and there seems to be no way to mask
individual Other interrupt causes (masking rxo but getting lsc). Because
of that, I think we have to keep reading icr in the Other interrupt

> At this point it seems like the interrupts is firing and the
> INT_ASSERTED is all we really need to be checking for if I understand
> this all correctly. Basically if LSC is set it will trigger OTHER and
> INT_ASSERTED, if any of the other causes are set they are only setting

I think that's right and it's related to the fact that currently LSC is
set in IMS but not the other causes. Since we have to read icr (as I
wrote above) but we want to avoid reading it without INT_ASSERTED set
(as per errata 12) the solution will be to set all of the causes related
to Other in IMS. Patches incoming...

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