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Subject[PATCH 0/3] vfio/pci: ioeventfd support
A vfio ioeventfd will perform the pre-specified device write on
triggering of an eventfd. When coupled with KVM ioeventfds, this
feature allows a VM to trap a device page for virtualization, while
also registering targeted ioeventfds to maintain performance of high
frequency register writes within the trapped range. Much like the
existing interrupt eventfd/irqfd coupling, such writes can be handled
entirely in the host kernel.

The new VFIO device ioctl may be supported by any vfio bus driver,
including mdev drivers, but the implementation here only enables
vfio-pci. This is intended as an acceleration path, bus drivers
may choose which regions to support and userspace should always
intend to fall back to non-accelerated handling when unavailable.

* An arbitrary limit is added for the number of ioeventfds supported
per device. The intention is to set this high enough to allow any
reasonable use case, but limit malicious user behavior.
* Split patches, including adding a patch for endian neutral io reads
and writes. This should be a nop for little-endian and avoid
redundant swap on big-endian, and hopefully resolves Alexey's
comments regarding the endian nature of this interface.
* Rebase to v4.16-rc3



Alex Williamson (3):
vfio/pci: Pull BAR mapping setup from read-write path
vfio/pci: Use endian neutral helpers
vfio/pci: Add ioeventfd support

drivers/vfio/pci/vfio_pci.c | 34 ++++++
drivers/vfio/pci/vfio_pci_private.h | 18 +++
drivers/vfio/pci/vfio_pci_rdwr.c | 188 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
include/uapi/linux/vfio.h | 27 +++++
4 files changed, 247 insertions(+), 20 deletions(-)

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