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Subjectupdate spectre v2 microcodes blacklist

Intel released an updated microcode revision guidance [1] (8 Feb). The link is
available in press-release [2], but it's quite easy to miss.

Some microcode revisions that were blacklisted before are now tested and
pronounced production-ready:

> Lines with “***” were previously recommended to discontinue use.
> Subsequent testing by Intel has determined that these were unaffected
> by the stability issues and have been re-released without
> modification.

I didn't fully match the updated revision guidance and spectre_bad_microcodes[]
in arch/x86/kernel/cpu/intel.c, but at least microcode 0xc2 for intel skylakes
should not be blacklisted anymore.

The update is also revelant to a recent blacklist backport to 4.9-stable:


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