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SubjectRe: dmapool regression in next
On 06/12/2018 15:11, Tony Battersby wrote:
> On 12/6/18 4:25 AM, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
>> On Thu, 6 Dec 2018 at 02:31, Tony Lindgren <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Looks like with commit 26abe88e830d ("mm/dmapool.c: improve scalability
>>> of dma_pool_free()") I'm now getting spammed with lots of "(bad vaddr)"
>>> on at least omap4 pandaboard, see below.
>>> Any ideas what might be going wrong?
>>> Regards,
>>> Tony
>>> 8< ---------------------
>>> omap-dma-engine 4a056000.dma-controller: dma_pool_free 4a056000.dma-controller, (ptrval) (bad vaddr)/0xbe800000
>>> omap-dma-engine 4a056000.dma-controller: dma_pool_free 4a056000.dma-controller, (ptrval) (bad vaddr)/0xbe80001c
>>> omap-dma-engine 4a056000.dma-controller: dma_pool_free 4a056000.dma-controller, (ptrval) (bad vaddr)/0xbe800038
>>> ...
>> I see it as well on all my Exynos boards, since yesterday's next. In
>> my case it is the USB EHCI driver:
>> exynos-ehci 12110000.usb: dma_pool_free ehci_qtd, (ptrval) (bad
>> vaddr)/0xb8844180
>> Full log here:
>> Best regards,
>> Krzysztof
> Here is the prototype:
> void dma_pool_free(struct dma_pool *pool, void *vaddr, dma_addr_t dma);
> With the old code, the 'dma' value had to be correct for use with
> pool_find_page(), or else you would get an error.  If the 'vaddr' value
> was incorrect, it would corrupt the dmapool freelist, but you wouldn't
> get an error unless DMAPOOL_DEBUG was enabled.
> With my patch applied, 'vaddr' has to be correct for virt_to_page().  My
> code also checks that 'dma' is consistent with 'vaddr' even if
> DMAPOOL_DEBUG is disabled, since the check is fast and it will prevent
> problems like this in the future.

Unfortunately that logic has a fatal flaw - DMA pools are backed by
dma_alloc_coherent(), and there is absolutely no guarantee that the
memory dma_alloc_coherent() returns is backed by a struct page at all.
Even if it is, there is still absolutely no guarantee that the vaddr
value it returns is valid for virt_to_page() - on many systems it will
be in vmalloc or some architecture-specific region of address space.

The problem is not that these drivers are buggy (they're not - the arch
code is returning a vmalloc()ed non-cacheable remap in the first place),
it's that 26abe88e830d is fundamentally unworkable and needs reverting.
Apparently the original patches managed not to catch my eye as something
I needed to review, sorry about that :(


> So if a buggy driver passes in a good value for 'dma' but a bad value
> for 'vaddr', then it may have appeared to work previously (but with
> possible data corruption, depending on the circumstances), but my patch
> will expose the problem.  You can confirm by reverting my dmapool
> patches and enabling DMAPOOL_DEBUG, which is at the top of mm/dmapool.c:
> #if defined(CONFIG_DEBUG_SLAB) || defined(CONFIG_SLUB_DEBUG_ON)
> #define DMAPOOL_DEBUG 1
> #endif
> Tony Battersby
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