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SubjectRe: [Spice-devel] [PATCH] drm/qxl: use qxl_num_crtc directly
> > qdev->monitors_config->max_allowed is effectively set by a module
> > parameter. So using the module parameter variable qxl_num_crtc
> > directly is better IMO. The kernel doesn't need to dereference pointers
> > each time it needs the value, and when reading the code you don't have
> > to trace where and why qdev->monitors_config->max_allowed is set.
> That should go to the commit message!
> With that the patch is fine for me.

ok, I'll improve the message.

> Maybe there's no much point on reusing the same structure used
> inside QXLRom/QXLRam but this is OT for this patch.

It's part of the qxl device ABI, the same structure is used for both
host->guest (config hint from spice-client) and guest->host (actual


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