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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] hwpoison, memory_hotplug: allow hwpoisoned pages to be offlined
>> This commit adds shake_page() for mlocked pages to make sure that the 
>> target
>> page is flushed out from LRU cache. Without this shake_page(),
>> subsequent
>> delete_from_lru_cache() (from me_pagecache_clean()) fails to isolate
>> it and
>> the page will finally return back to LRU list. So this scenario leads
>> to
>> "hwpoisoned by still linked to LRU list" page.
> OK, I see. So does that mean that the LRU handling is no longer needed
> and there is a guanratee that all kernels with the above commit cannot
> ever get an LRU page?

For the sake of completeness:

I made a quick test reverting 286c469a988 on upstream kernel.
As expected, the poisoned page is in LRU when it hits do_migrate_range,
and so, the migration path is taken and I see the exact failure I saw
on. 4.4

Oscar Salvador
Suse L3

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