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SubjectRe: BUG: aio/direct-io data corruption in 4.7
Gregory Shapiro <> 于2018年11月6日周二 下午12:31写道:
> Hi Jack,
> I tested it in 4.9.102 and I checked the latest code from elixir
> (versions 4.19 and 4.20) and the error in code is still present there.
> More on the scenario and the bug:
> I experienced data corruption in my application (nvme based storage).
> The issue was caused because of faulty hardware, but the real problem
> is I got a correct number of bytes in io_getevents thus couldn't
> recognize it correctly the error.
> Looking at the /var/log/messages and I saw the following errors in
> time of coruption:
Thanks for the info, Gregory.

I noticed guys from Amazon pushing the fix to upstream:
I hope it will be in upstream soon.

Jack Wang

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