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SubjectRe: [PATCH 8/8] HID: logitech: Enable high-resolution scrolling on Logitech mice
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the work you've put into this!

On Wed, 21 Nov 2018 at 22:35, Peter Hutterer <> wrote:
> * HID++ 1.0: Anywhere MX, Performance MX
> * x2120: M560
> * x2121: MX Anywhere 2, MX Master 2S
> [snip]
> This was tested on an MX Anywhere 2S, Harry, please re-test on the other
> mice, thanks.

Sure, I've tested the V2 patch with the original five mice quoted
above, as well as the M325, which doesn't have a high-resolution wheel
but which I used to check that it still reports a REL_WHEEL_HI_RES
axis and reports movements of 120 on it.

The only issue I noticed is that the M560 doesn't report a
REL_HWHEEL_HI_RES axis, even though it has horizontal tilt scrolling.
(The M325 also has horizontal tilt scrolling and does report a
REL_HWHEEL_HI_RES axis.) This is probably because the M560 has a lot
of special treatment in the driver (see `m560_populate_input` and
`m560_raw_event` in particular).

Other than that:
Verified-by: Harry Cutts <>

Harry Cutts
Chrome OS Touch/Input team

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