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SubjectRe: multipath-tools: add ANA support for NVMe device
On 11/14/18 6:38 AM, Mike Snitzer wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 13 2018 at 1:00pm -0500,
> Mike Snitzer <> wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 13 2018 at 11:18am -0500,
>> Keith Busch <> wrote:
>>> On Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 04:53:23PM -0500, Mike Snitzer wrote:
>>>> On Mon, Nov 12 2018 at 11:23am -0500,
>>>> Martin Wilck <> wrote:
>>>>> Hello Lijie,
>>>>> On Thu, 2018-11-08 at 14:09 +0800, lijie wrote:
>>>>>> Add support for Asynchronous Namespace Access as specified in NVMe
>>>>>> 1.3
>>>>>> TP 4004. The states are updated through reading the ANA log page.
>>>>>> By default, the native nvme multipath takes over the nvme device.
>>>>>> We can pass a false to the parameter 'multipath' of the nvme-core.ko
>>>>>> module,when we want to use multipath-tools.
>>>>> Thank you for the patch. It looks quite good to me. I've tested it with
>>>>> a Linux target and found no problems so far.
>>>>> I have a few questions and comments inline below.
>>>>> I suggest you also have a look at detect_prio(); it seems to make sense
>>>>> to use the ana prioritizer for NVMe paths automatically if ANA is
>>>>> supported (with your patch, "detect_prio no" and "prio ana" have to be
>>>>> configured explicitly). But that can be done in a later patch.
>>>> I (and others) think it makes sense to at least triple check with the
>>>> NVMe developers (now cc'd) to see if we could get agreement on the nvme
>>>> driver providing the ANA state via sysfs (when modparam
>>>> nvme_core.multipath=N is set), like Hannes proposed here:
>>>> Then the userspace multipath-tools ANA support could just read sysfs
>>>> rather than reinvent harvesting the ANA state via ioctl.
>>> I'd prefer not duplicating the log page parsing. Maybe nvme's shouldn't
>>> even be tied to CONFIG_NVME_MULTIPATH so that the 'multipath' param
>>> isn't even an issue.
>> I like your instincts, we just need to take them a bit further.
>> Splitting out the kernel's ANA log page parsing won't buy us much given
>> it is userspace (multipath-tools) that needs to consume it. The less
>> work userspace needs to do (because kernel has already done it) the
>> better.
>> If the NVMe driver is made to always track and export the ANA state via
>> sysfs [1] we'd avoid userspace parsing duplication "for free". This
>> should occur regardless of what layer is reacting to the ANA state
>> changes (be it NVMe's native multipathing or multipath-tools).
>> ANA and NVMe multipathing really are disjoint, making them tightly
>> coupled only serves to force NVMe driver provided multipathing _or_
>> userspace ANA state tracking duplication that really isn't ideal [2].
>> We need a reasoned answer to the primary question of whether the NVMe
>> maintainers are willing to cooperate by providing this basic ANA sysfs
>> export even if nvme_core.multipath=N [1].
>> Christoph said "No" [3], but offered little _real_ justification for why
>> this isn't the right thing for NVMe in general.
> ...
>> [1]:
>> [2]:
> ...
> I knew there had to be a pretty tight coupling between the NVMe driver's
> native multipathing and ANA support... and that the simplicity of
> Hannes' patch [1] was too good to be true.
> The real justification for not making Hannes' change is it'd effectively
> be useless without first splitting out the ANA handling done during NVMe
> request completion (NVME_SC_ANA_* cases in nvme_failover_req) that
> triggers re-reading the ANA log page accordingly.
> So without the ability to drive the ANA workqueue to trigger
> nvme_read_ana_log() from the nvme driver's completion path -- even if
> nvme_core.multipath=N -- it really doesn't buy multipath-tools anything
> to have the NVMe driver export the ana state via sysfs, because that ANA
> state will never get updated.
Hmm. Indeed, I was more focussed on having the sysfs attributes
displayed, so yes, indeed it needs some more work.

>> The inability to provide proper justification for rejecting a patch
>> (that already had one co-maintainer's Reviewed-by [5]) _should_ render
>> that rejection baseless, and the patch applied (especially if there is
>> contributing subsystem developer interest in maintaining this support
>> over time, which there is). At least that is what would happen in a
>> properly maintained kernel subsystem.
>> It'd really go a long way if senior Linux NVMe maintainers took steps to
>> accept reasonable changes.
> Even though I'm frustrated I was clearly too harsh and regret my tone.
> I promise to _try_ to suck less.
> This dynamic of terse responses or no responses at all whenever NVMe
> driver changes to ease multipath-tools NVMe support are floated is the
> depressing gift that keeps on giving. But enough excuses...
> Not holding my breath BUT:
> if decoupling the reading of ANA state from native NVMe multipathing
> specific work during nvme request completion were an acceptable
> advancement I'd gladly do the work.
I'd be happy to work on that, given that we'll have to have 'real' ANA
support for device-mapper anyway for SLE12 SP4 etc.


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GF: F. Imendörffer, J. Smithard, J. Guild, D. Upmanyu, G. Norton
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