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On Tue, 13 Nov 2018, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> Running a recent kernel under ARAnyM shows 40 ns resolution so the Atari
> hardware emulation is a little more complete.

You mean, 40 us resolution, right?

> Using that for initial tests, I can confirm that timer resolution is
> reduced to 10ms after patch 6, and gets restored to 40ns after applying
> the full series

Thanks for testing!

> (once clocksource_init runs, that is - the first part of the boot is at
> 10ms resolution only, a regression compared to with use of
> arch_gettimeoffset).

Sounds like a theoretical regression (?)

Is there any need for more precise timers (I mean, better than 40 us)
before clocksource_init runs?

> Unfortunately, I can't log in at the console with all patches applied. I
> immediately get the 'login timeout exceeded' message. Weird...

I didn't see that in my tests... Was this aranym or real hardware or both?

Can you also test tree fbf8405cd982 please?


> Cheers,
> Michael

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