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SubjectRE: MCE reports errors that can't be verified
> The fact that you see this, means, the error has reached the last
> notifier. So the EDAC notifier must've run too and handed the error to
> the EDAC driver.
> Can you send a full dmesg from that machine, privately to Tony and me is
> fine too.

Some system configuration information would be helpful. I can see from the logs
that this on a Haswell Xeon, but not which model. The addresses of the errors
are around 448GB, how much memory does the system have? Output of
"dmidecode -t 17" would help.

There are some strange values in the snip you sent. First logged error shows a
corrected error count of 2544. Next shows just count=1 (with overflow bit set to 0).
Third has a count of 2, with overflow set.

So I'm guessing that you may have some storms of corrected errors and Linux
has switched to polling mode.

The three errors in the sample are all on the same channel (1) of the same memory
controller (0). But the addresses are different. Indicates that something serious has
happened to a DIMM on that channel.

The EDAC driver printed out those messages, but then silently failed to give any
extra detail. Not really sure how that happened. Perhaps I'm missing some error
path where it just gives up. Can you run (as root) "lspci -xxxx" and send the output
from that. (Compress and send off list).

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