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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] Suppress false positives triggered by workqueue lockdep annotations
Hi Bart,

> In my tests with kernel v4.19 I noticed that several new false positive
> reports were generated by the workqueue lockdep annotations. This patch
> series addresses one of these false positives.

I tried my best to explain why they're not false positives as far as
lockdep is concerned, so I'd appreciate if you could address *why* you
actually think they are such.

I can understand that they are false positives as far as the code
*causing* this is concerned, but this isn't how lockdep works. It
generally tracks any dependency between "locks" (timers also, btw.) at
any time, to later be able to find issues.

This, however, should be solved at the places that actually show the
problem, not by making the lockdep annotations less powerful.


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