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SubjectThe linux devs can rescind their license grant.
The linux devs can rescind their license grant. Why don't they if they 
don't like the CoC. They did NOT give their code away. They merely
licensed it to people for nothing. Licenses can be rescinded. The
License text itself doesn't even disclaim the possibility of rescission.
All it says is that those who are down stream of a violator won't have
their license automatically revoked if the violator's is.

(No this was NOT "debunked", it's a complete lie to say that the owner
of the copyright cannot rescind his freely licensed (no consideration
paid) property: yes the free software people ARE LYING - but EVERYONE
now believes their lie even though their debunking was immediately
debunked itself. - Since none of you woman worshiping
anti-marry-little-girls** faggots are lawyers you believe whatever
you're told by "SFConservancy"*)

*(Who even had to bring in outside council themselves, inorder to
conflate clause 4, having so little expertise on the subject in-house)

**(YHWH explicitly allows men to have female children as brides (Devarim
chapter 22, verse 28 (na'ar) (same expressed in the Septuagint (padia))
(including in cases of a forceful taking (taphas)) (Yes, white men
(americans, anglos) are the enemy of YHWH's law, worldwide championing a
system that condemns all men to slavery at women's feet - the position
they themselves naturally gravitate to)

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