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SubjectRe: [RFC v1 0/1] imx-drm: match ipu_di_signal_cfg's clk_pol with its observed behaviour.
Hi Russell, thanks for looking at the RFC !

> Given what's in the documentation, I'd opt for it describing the
> edge that the output data changes, not the latch edge. With that
> interpretation, the existing code is correct.

The clock polarity is reversed in Freescale's non-mainline fbdev code,
which we were using previously, contributing to the confusion.

Yes, I think your interpretation is the correct one. Let's double-check.

Suppose we set this bus flag in the panel/mode definition:

/* drive data on pos. edge */

According to your interpretation, this means we're asking the data to change
on the positive edge, and be stable on the negative edge. Correct?

then clk_pol == 1:
sig_cfg.clk_pol = !!(imx_crtc_state->bus_flags &

then DI_GENERAL bit 17 is set:
if (sig->clk_pol)

and data is stable on the pixel clock's falling edge, as we observed on
the oscilloscope.

All good. Thank you !

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