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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Revert "workqueue: re-add lockdep dependencies for flushing"

> I also commented over there regarding this specific problem.
> I think my wording was inaccurate perhaps. It's not so much direct
> recursion, but a dependency chain connecting the handler_mutex class
> back to itself. This is how lockdep finds problems, it doesn't consider
> actual *instances* but only *classes*.
> As Sagi mentioned on the other thread, in this specific instance you
> happen to know out-of-band that this is safe, (somehow) the code ensures
> that you can't actually recursively connect back to yourself. Perhaps
> there's some kind of layering involved, I don't know. (*)
> As I said over there, this type of thing can be solved with
> mutex_lock_nested(), though it's possible that in this case it should
> really be flush_workqueue_nested() or flush_work_nested() or so.

I guess that could make this specific complaint complaint go away...

> johannes
> (*) note that just checking "obj != self" might not be enough, depending
> on how you pick candidates for "obj" you might recurse down another
> level and end up back at yourself, just two levels down, and actually
> have a dependency chain leading back to yourself.

Its not a simple check, any removal invocation is serialized under a
dedicated workqueue and in order to be queued there, the connection need
to first be connected which comes later (after the flush takes place).

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