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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 2/7] dt-bindings: ti-lmu: Modify dt bindings for the LM3697

> >> The LM3697 is a single function LED driver. The single function LED
> >> driver needs to reside in the LED directory as a dedicated LED driver
> >> and not as a MFD device. The device does have common brightness and ramp
> >
> > So it is single function LED driver. That does not mean it can not
> > share bindings with the rest. Where the bindings live is not imporant.
> It can share bindings that are correctly done, not ones that are incomplete and incorrect.

If you see wrong binding you are welcome to fix it. If it is in wrong
place, you can move it around.

You are not welcome to create 2 "fixed" versions, while leaving
original "buggy" version in tree!

...but that's what your series does. Better changelogs will _not_ help.

> Where bindings live is important to new Linux kernel developers and product
> developers looking for the proper documentation on the H/W bindings.

We have talked about this before.

> >> @@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ TI LMU driver supports lighting devices below.
> >> LM3632 Backlight and regulator
> >> LM3633 Backlight, LED and fault monitor
> >> LM3695 Backlight
> >> - LM3697 Backlight and fault monitor
> >>
> >> Required properties:
> >> - compatible: Should be one of:
> >
> > NAK. You can use existing binding.
> Thank you for the consistency

You are wasting your time. What is worse, you are wasting my time,
too, and time of people on the list.

(cesky, pictures)
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