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SubjectRe: Git pull ack emails..
On Tue, Oct 23, 2018 at 10:46:06AM +0100, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>If it's a "proper" pull request (ie done by git request-pull), then
>the magic marker would be that it as that
> for you to fetch changes up to %H:
>line where %H is the hash of the tip of the tree that is requested to be pulled.
>Then automation could literally just check "is that commit in Linus'
>public tree", and when that happens, generate an automatic
>notification that the pull request in question has been merged.

I can probably do something like that at How about something
more generic -- e.g. a simple tool that asks a remote web service to
notify you when a commit-id is seen in one of the repos?


git lmk for-linus mainline

this does:

- find out the commit-id points at "for-linus"
- send a REST request to

"tree": "mainline",
"commit": "123abc...abc555",
"notify": "(output of $(git config"

We already run a bunch of periodic jobs on repo updates and can run an
additional check-and-fire-an-email automation job.

Would that be a useful alternative? If yes, what would be your preferred
workflow for such tool instead of "git lmk [commit] [tree-moniker]"?

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