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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 3/4] vmbus: add per-channel sysfs info
Am Sun, 17 Sep 2017 20:54:18 -0700

> This extends existing vmbus related sysfs structure to provide per-channel
> state information. This is useful when diagnosing issues with multiple
> queues in networking and storage.

> +++ b/drivers/hv/vmbus_drv.c
> +static ssize_t write_avail_show(const struct vmbus_channel *channel, char *buf)
> +{
> + const struct hv_ring_buffer_info *rbi = &channel->outbound;
> +
> + return sprintf(buf, "%u\n", hv_get_bytes_to_write(rbi));
> +}
> +VMBUS_CHAN_ATTR_RO(write_avail);

This is upstream since a year.

But I wonder how this can work if vmbus_device_register is called,
and then something reads the populated sysfs files before vmbus_open returns.
Nothing protects rbi->ring_buffer in this case, which remains NULL
until vmbus_open populates it.

A simple reproduce, with a modular kernel, is to boot with init=/bin/bash
head /sys/bus/vmbus/devices/*/channels/*/*

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