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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 09/15] platform: goldfish: pipe: Move goldfish_pipe to goldfish_pipe_v2
> > I want our "v2" driver to be in a "v2" file and our "v1" driver in a
> > "v1" file. I think this is reasonable.
> The in kernel driver is the "v1" one.

I believe v2 (on our end) was upstream as goldfish_pipe.c instead of

> Why do you need a totally new driver file at all anyway?

I don't want to mix v1 and v2.

> And again, can you GUARANTEE that userspace will not break if you rename
> the kernel module?

Yes, it works:

I don't see how userspace could be affected, unless we refer to
__FILE__ inside the driver for some important things. I believe we

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