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SubjectRe: Future of dosfstools project (FAT)

> On Oct 12, 2018, at 7:40 AM, Pali Rohár <> wrote:
>> On Friday 12 October 2018 11:19:41 Andreas Henriksson wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>>> On Tue, Oct 02, 2018 at 04:44:10AM -0400, Jaroslav Skarvada wrote:
>>> I am downstream maintainer of dosfstools in Fedora/RHEL. My personal opinion
>>> with such kind of projects is that one or two years without activity doesn't
>>> mean the project is dead. I don't know what happened with Andreas, but
>>> in case of no response my +1 for the GitHub fork. I think it's non offensive
>>> solution which can be easily reverted if needed. Please let me know if you do it
>> It seems Andreas is a Debian Developer (like myself), so I used the
>> debian tooling for 'missing in action' (mia-query) and it seems
>> he is occationally active (but showing obvious signs of busyness).
>> I even found his irc nick and found him online. I told him about this
>> mailing list thread and he replied that he has been extremely busy
>> with things in his personal life lately and said he should really
>> try to find some time to catch up with things, but since he hasn't
>> replied here I thought I'd just let you know about the situation.
>> Hopefully things calms down for him soon to allow him to catch up.
>> I hope you find a good way to handle things in the mean time. More
>> people probably need to help out reviewing incoming issues/PRs and other
>> things that can help Andreas out with the maintenance burden, but with
>> his current lack of time it might be better if someone motivated and
>> capable just forks the project on github and starts doing the
>> maintenance work in the fork. If things works out well, maybe this gives
>> Andreas confidence he can safely hand over the official maintainer role
>> to someone with more time for it (and you can 'unfork' again).
>> Regards,
>> Andreas Henriksson
> Ok, so it would be great if somebody can help Andreas with reviewing
> opened dosfstools pull requests on github...
> --
> Pali Rohár

Rather than fork it could he give someone access as a maintainer to the existing project?
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