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SubjectRe: platform/x86/thinkpad_acpi: Adjustments for four function implementations
> If this was code that affected all systems, the impact would be greater
> - and it would be much easier to test.

I can follow such a view to some degree.
Would you dare to test the deletion of questionable error messages
more with any other software components?

> As it applies only to Thinkpad systems,

Are these models still popular enough in any areas?

> far fewer total systems are affected, and it is much harder to
> test/verify.

Do you care for the suggested transformation patterns (in principle)?

> If you feel that is the wrong call,

It seems that the usual indication was expressed for change resistance.

> you will need to present convincing evidence to Henrique that
> this is worth the risk.

Which risks have you got in mind for this small adjustment?

> … - or that it would be worth the effort.

Can a bit of “software fine-tuning” become useful also here?


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