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SubjectRe: Bricked x86 CPU with software?

On 4.01.2018 02:47, Tim Mouraveiko wrote:
> Hi,
> In all my years of extensive experience writing drivers and kernels, I never came across a situation
> where you could brick an x86 CPU. Not until recently, when I was working on debugging a piece of
> code and I bricked an Intel CPU. I am not talking about an experimental motherboard or anything
> exotic or an electrical issue where the CPU got fried, but before the software code execution the CPU
> was fine and then it´s dead. There were signs that something was not right, that the code was causing
> unusual behavior, which is what I was debugging.
> Has anyone else ever experienced a bricked CPU after executing software code? I just wanted to get
> input from the community to see if anyone had had any experience like that, since it seems rather
> unusual to me.
> Tim

"Code talks, bullshit walks". Unless you share the code I don't think
anyone has any reason to believe anything you said.

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