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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 3/7] ARM: davinci: fix duplicate clocks

On 1/4/18 5:12 AM, Sekhar Nori wrote:
> On Monday 01 January 2018 05:09 AM, David Lechner wrote:
>> There are a number of clocks that were duplicated because they are used by
>> more than one device. It is no longer necessary to do this since we are
>> explicitly calling clk_register_clkdev() for each clock. In da830.c, some
>> clocks were using the same LPSC, which would cause problems with reference
>> counting, so these are combinded into one clock each. In da850.c the
>> duplicate clocks had already been fixed by creating dummy child clocks, so
>> these clocks are removed.
>> Signed-off-by: David Lechner <>
> If we do end up keeping 2/7, this should be done before that - to avoid
> retouching code that was just introduced.

FWIW, this can't be done before because it will cause broken linked
lists in the davinci clocks. But, as I mentioned already, I am going to
try a different approach, so this patch will go away completely.

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