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SubjectRe: [v2] Coccinelle: zalloc-simple: Delete function “kmem cache alloc” from SmPL rules
> I removed the blank line at EOF,
> then applied to linux-kbuild/misc.

I have taken another look at this script for the semantic patch language.
I imagined that I could refactor the shown SmPL disjunctions a bit.
But I noticed then that these SmPL rules contain a development mistake.

The deletion for a call of the function “memset” depends on the specification
that a size determination is passed by the expression “E1”.
The function “kmem_cache_alloc” was specified despite of the technical detail
that this function does not get a parameter passed which would correspond
to such a size information.

Thus I suggest to remove it from the first two SmPL rules and omit the rule “r4”.
Will the rule set be more consistent then?


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