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SubjectRE: [LINUX PATCH 3/4] dmaengine: xilinx_dma: Fix compilation warning

>>> >BTW whats with LINUX tag in patches, pls drop them
>>> Ok will mention the Linux tag info in the cover letter patch from the
>>> next patch series on wards...
>>Please wrap your replies within 80chars. It is very hard to read! I have reflown
>Sure will take care of it next time onwards...
>>Can you explain what you mean by that info, what are you trying to convey?
>What I mean here is will mention the Linux kernel tag
>Information in the cover letter patch...

Oops sorry I misunderstood your comment...
In my company we have internally different projects
To differentiate b/w them we usually use LINUX prefix
By mistake I have added the LINUX prefix in this patch series
I have removed it in the v2 series...



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