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SubjectRe: ethernet: mlx4: Delete an error message for a failed memory allocation in five functions
> I don't really accept this claim...
> Short informative strings worth the tiny space they consume.

There can be different opinions for their usefulness.

> In addition, some out-of-memory errors are recoverable, even though their backtrace is also printed.

How do you think about to suppress the backtrace generation for them?

> For example, in function mlx4_en_create_cq (appears in patch) we have a first allocation attempt (kzalloc_node)

Would it be helpful to pass the option “__GFP_NOWARN” there?

> and a fallback (kzalloc). I'd prefer to state a clear error message only when both have failed,
> because otherwise the user might be confused whether the backtrace should indicate a malfunctioning interface, or not.

Can the distinction become easier by any other means?


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