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SubjectRacoh Box - An alpha specification for a fair economy on available source
We are rebased on OpenBSD, but if the philosophy can have positive 
impact here aswell, it is just to do that ofcourse.

"An OS is I/O via abstracted inferfaces, signal routing (scheduling etc)
and usually a graphical user interface. Peak jitter below 200μs
converges to optimal. The whole streaming paradigm could be implemented
in a new web standard aswell, where instead of HTML commands, binary
values for speed, and with all digital goods marked with author, and
automatically delegated a a fair non-selfrejecting value for its use,
called Delyar. Code components for OS, also being digital goods etc.
Giving Optimal Network Synergy.

The whole computing industry is based on business. From Commodore
Business Machines, to International Business Machines, to Microsoft, and
Bill Gates, a businessman.  What better than a machine, that is
throughout designed for fair pay. Particulary in a time when Available
Source is happening, and the GNU version is representing a major

And fair pay actually is a religious principle since it supposes that
there is a metaphysical truth, and One Absolute Deity (here Üni, a zén
realized concept of God) that defines "Fair Pay". And so the
non-selfrejecting value of a work, is the same as the maximal sales
point of business school


Some alpha design ideas here:

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