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SubjectDocumentation: ksm: move sysfs interface to ABI

In Documentation/vm/ksm.txt, there is a description of the kernel samepage
merging sysfs interface and there also exists
Documentation/ABI/testing/sysfs-kernel-mm-ksm which is out of date.

Would it be useful to move out the interface from Documentation/vm/ksm.txt to
the ABI?

The ABI documentation format looks like the following:

What: (the full sysfs path of the attribute)
Date: (date of creation)
KernelVersion: (kernel version it first showed up in)
Contact: (primary contact)
Description: (long description on usage)

I am doing this in an exercise to move sysfs ABI interfaces (which are
documented) to their right place i.e. in Documentation/ABI along with the rest.


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