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SubjectRe: Network interface "stops working"
(Please always Cc netdev for networking related bugs.)

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 2:02 AM, Turbo Fredriksson <> wrote:
> I just got a new broadband delivered at home. It is "Hyperoptic 1Gbps fiber" which comes as a ethernet connector at home. I wasn’t around
> when they connected up everything, so I’m not sure *where* the fiber starts, but either way, I have an ethernet jack in one of my rooms.
> They also provided me with a ZTE router. I have need for my own services (firewalling, NATing, IPSEC and what not), so don’t want to use
> the provided router..
> However, I’m having serious trouble keeping the interface up! Works for a few minutes and then just “stops working”. Don’t know why, there’s
> nothing in the logs or from dmesg..
> Taking the interface down and then up again usually solves it. For a few minutes.
> Also, when running the interface (a Intel 82576 Gigabit dual port, using the igb driver - tried e1000 and e1000e but they don’t find any interfaces),
> in 1Gbps mode, the interface starts flapping up and down and I can’t get a connection at all. So my interface definition runs a script to use
> ethtool to set the speed to 100Mbps, full duplex, no auto negotiation. Which “kinda” works (for a while, hence my problems).
> Because the provided router works just fine, I’m sure it’s something on my Linux box (Debian GNU/Linux Jessie) that does it.. I’ve tried running
> it without any iptables, in both static and DHCP mode but same problem..
> I’m not a complete beginner with Linux nor networks, but this is to “close to the hardware” for me. I’m at a loss to what else to try..
> This isn’t a new machine, it have served me very well for five years give or take and I’ve never had any problems with it (not to say that it still
> can’t be hardware problems, but I find that somewhat unlikely at the moment).
> Could anyone please advice to what I can try to try to pinpoint the problem (and/or possibly fix it)?

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