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SubjectRe: [mm 4.15-rc8] Random oopses under memory pressure.
On 2018-01-19 19:42, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> I actually asked (long long ago) for an optinal compiler warning for
> "pointer subtraction with non-power-of-2 sizes". Not because of it
> being undefined, but simply because it's expensive. The
> divide->multiply thing doesn't always work,

Huh? If (compile-time constant, positive) d=m*2^k with m odd, and x is
known to be a multiple of d, x/d can always be computed as (x>>k)*m' ==
(x*m')>>k, with m' being the mod 2^N multiplicative inverse of m, right?
This works whether x has signed or unsigned type and whether it indeed
happens to be negative, AFAICT.

Sure, the multiplication by m' may not exactly be cheap, but one only
needs the low N bits of the result.


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