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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] ARM: davinci: common clock prep work
On Saturday 20 January 2018 08:50 AM, David Lechner wrote:
> This series contains some changes needed for the conversion of arch/arm/mach-
> davinci to the common clock framework.
> Most of the boards in mach-davinci do not have device tree support. However,
> CFGCHIP, which is a syscon regmap, is needed during clock init in early boot.
> Using a platform device for the syscon at this point is not an option. So,
> this series introduces a new way to register a syscon regmap on non-DT systems.
> The DA8XX USB PHY driver is a consumer of the CFGCHIP syscon regmap, so some
> changes are needed in that driver as well since we are removing the syscon
> platform devices. The patch "phy: da8xx-usb: rename clock con_ids" doesn't
> have anything to do with syscon, but I included in this series because we are
> touching PHY code here anyway and it is also a dependency for the upcoming
> common clock framework conversion changes.
> Maintainers, please coordinate with Sekhar before committing. We will probably
> want everything to go through the linux-davinci tree if possible.

You should wait for some more feedback before resending anything, but I
think it will be easier to reivew/accept this if the changes are just
related to removal of "syscon" platform device from devices-da8xx.c.

It _seems_ like this series does more than just that, and I hope it can
be pared down.


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