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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] input: Add disable sysfs entry for every input device
On Wednesday 04 January 2017 15:37:35 Bastien Nocera wrote:
> I don't doubt that the use cases should be catered for, I essentially
> did that same work without kernel changes for GNOME. What I doubt is
> the fuzzy semantics, the fact that the device is kept opened but no
> data is sent (that's not power saving), that whether users are revoked
> or should be revoked isn't clear, and that the goal is basically to
> work around stupid input handling when at the console. When running a
> display manager, this is all avoided.
> If this were to go through, then the semantics and behaviour needs to
> be better explained, power saving actually made possible, and make sure
> that libinput can proxy that state to the users on the console. Or an
> ioctl added to the evdev device to disable them.

So, do you mean to implement this "disable" action as ioctl for
particular /dev/input/event* device (instead of sysfs entry)?

Pali Rohár

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