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SubjectRe: Rename the SmPL script “kzalloc-….coc ci”?
>> * I am unsure which name will be better finally.
>> Would we like to achieve another permalink here?
> Actually, according to th original name choice it is stillsimple,

The involved contributors have got different views if the available script
remains “simple” enough at the moment.

> becaue it doesn't account for the possibility of many statement between
> the alloc and the memset

* How close should these function call be kept together?
* Which additional statements would you tolerate between them?

> and it doesn't account for different ways of expressing the size between
> the two calls.

Would you like to get any extensions there?

> If you want to be more general than kzalloc, then perhaps
> zalloc-simple.cocci would be ok.

Will other suffixes be safer for a permanent file name so that confusion
could be avoided around different expectations for “simplicity”?


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