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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 02/36] openrisc: add ioremap_nocache declaration before include asm-generic/io.h and sync ioremap prototype with it.
2018-01-15 21:07 GMT+08:00 Stafford Horne <>:
> On Mon, Jan 15, 2018 at 01:53:10PM +0800, Greentime Hu wrote:
>> From: Greentime Hu <>
>> It will be built failed if commit id: d25ea659 is selected. This patch can fix this
>> build error.
> Hello,
> As I mentioned last time, can you you change this to not mention the commit id?
> The ID will probably change when this is actually committed. You might want to
> do something like:
> 1. Move this commit before the ioremap_nocache change. This is because we want
> each commit to result in a buildable kernel.
> 2. The text here and other changes could read:
> A future commit for the nds32 architecture bootstrap ("asm-generic/io.h: move
> ioremap_nocache/ioremap_uc/ioremap_wc/ioremap_wt out of ifndef CONFIG_MMU")
> will move the ioremap_nocache out of the CONFIG_MMU ifdef. This means that
> in order to suppress re-definition errors we need to setup #define's before
> importing asm-generic/io.h.
> Also, the change adds a prototype for ioremap where size is size_t so fix that
> as well.
> I hope that helps. But for the change:
> Acked-by: Stafford Horne <>

Hi, Stafford:

Thanks for the feedback.
I will move this commit before the ioremap_nocache change and use
these commit messages.

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