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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 03/16] iommu: introduce iommu invalidate API function
On 28/12/17 19:25, Jacob Pan wrote:
>>> + * @size: 2^size of 4K pages, 0 for 4k, 9 for 2MB,
>>> etc.
>> Having only power of two invalidation seems too restrictive for a
>> software interface. You might have the same problem as above, where
>> the guest or userspace needs to send lots of invalidation requests,
>> They could be multiplexed by passing an arbitrary range instead. How
>> about making @size a __u64?
> Sure if you have such need for non power of two. So it will be __u64 of
> 4k pages?

4k granule would work for us right now, but other architectures may plan
to support arbitrary sizes. The map/unmap API does support arbitrary
sizes, so it might be better to have a byte granularity in @size.


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