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SubjectRe: RISC-V Linux Port v9
On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 6:56 PM, Palmer Dabbelt <> wrote:
> As per suggestions on our v8 patch set, I've split the core architecture code
> out from our drivers and would like to submit this patch set to be included
> into linux-next, with the goal being to be merged in during the next merge
> window. This patch set is based on 4.14-rc2, but if it's better to have it
> based on something else then I can change it around.

-rc2 is good, just don't rebase it any more. I'd suggest that at the point this
becomes part of linux-next, you stop modifying the patches further and
move to adding any additional changes as patches on top.

> * I cleaned up the defconfigs -- there's actually now just one, and it's
> empty. For now I think we're OK with what the kernel sets as defaults, but
> I anticipate we'll begin to expand this as people start to use the port
> more.

The kernel defaults are not really as sensible as one would hope. Maybe
go through your previous defconfig once more and pick up the items that
made sense.


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