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SubjectRE: [PATCH RFC 6/6] Modify tag_ksz.c to support other KSZ switch drivers
> I am not really sure why this is such a concern for you so soon when
> your driver is not even included yet. You should really aim for baby
> steps here: get the basic driver(s) included, with a limited set of
> features, and gradually add more features to the driver. When
> fwd_offload_mark and RSTP become a real problem, we can most
> definitively find a way to fix those in DSA and depending drivers.

I was under the impression that there is a new push of this new switchdev
model and so the DSA model was overhauled to support that.

The KSZ9477 driver is already in the kernel, and its register access is actually
much different from the other older switches. There are not much common
code to be reused. I always know this tail tag handling is the sticking point.
I will submit a much simplified driver and wait for switch access in the future.
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