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SubjectRe: btusb "firmware request while host is not available" at resume
On Sun, Sep 10, 2017 at 8:49 PM, Gabriel C <> wrote:
> Yes 81f95076281f is to blame.. After reverting it all is fine again.
> 15 resume cycles on the one laptop , 10 on the other without to hit the
> trace.

Yeah, I think that disable/enable_firmware in the suspend/resume path
is basically just completely random code. There is nothing that
serializes with anything else, and it has no actual basis for saying
"I am now disabled/enabled" except for some entirely random time of
whenever the suspend/resume callbacks happen.

I'm going to revert it.

I wonder why 4.13 seemed to work for me. Or maybe it didn't, and I
just didn't notice, because I didn't use bluetooth and I wasn't
traveling. I test my laptop every release, but I don't necessarily
always _use_ it.


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