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SubjectRe: [v5 2/4] mm, oom: cgroup-aware OOM killer
On Wed, 23 Aug 2017, Roman Gushchin wrote:

> > It's better to have newbies consult the documentation once than making
> > everybody deal with long and cumbersome names for the rest of time.
> >
> > Like 'ls' being better than 'read_and_print_directory_contents'.
> I don't think it's a good argument here: realistically, nobody will type
> the knob's name often. Your option is shorter only by 3 characters :)
> Anyway, I'm ok with memory.oom_group too, if everybody else prefer it.
> Michal, David?
> What's your opinion?

I'm probably the worst person in the world for succinctly naming stuff,
but I at least think the knob should have the word "kill" in it to
describe the behavior. ("oom_group", out of memory group, what exactly is

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