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SubjectSpecifying console via "stdout-path" property
Hi everyone,

I got strange results when I tried to specify device to use as console
via "stdout-path" property in device tree:
Even If I specify device in "stdout-path" property first probed device
(of those that can be used as console device) is used as console.

For example:
chosen {
    stdout-path = &serial1;

serial0: uart0@... {} /* serial0 is used as console (ttyS0) as it is
* probed earlier */
serial1: uart1@... {}

So I am wondering is it expected behavior?

Everything is fine if I specify uart device via "console" parameter in
chosen {
    bootargs = "console=ttyS1"
    stdout-path = &serial1;

serial0: uart0@... {}
serial1: uart1@... {} /* serial1 is used as console (ttyS1) */

 Eugeniy Paltsev
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