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SubjectRe: [alsa-devel] ALSA: pcsp: Use common error handling code in snd_card_pcsp_probe()
>> I got the impression that the functions which are called at the updated places
>> by the function “snd_card_pcsp_probe” indicate a successful execution
>> only by zero so far.
> You have the impression, great.

This aspect is also a general programming interface issue for some functions.

> And what's the reason to drop the negative check?

* I find it a bit safer when the error predicate is “return value != 0”.

* It is also a small source code reduction.

> It's not clearer, not better readable.

It seems that we have got different development opinions this time.

> And, the worst part is that you've done it silently even without
> mentioning in the change log at all. That's really bad.
> Just don't do it.

I found it not relevant enough for the commit message.

> For example, the control API functions may return the positive number
> when the value got changed, 0 for else, and a negative number for the
> error. The functions returning some numbers may return positive
> numbers, of course.

Did I touch any specific function calls which belong to this
programming interface category?


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