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SubjectRe: 32-bit powerpc, aty128fb: vmap allocation for size 135168 failed
Meelis Roos <> writes:

>> Meelis Roos <> writes:
>> > I was trying 4.13.0-rc5-00075-gac9a40905a61 on my PowerMac G4 with 1G
>> > RAM and after some time of sddm respawning and X trying to restart,
>> > dmesg is full of messages about vmap allocation failures.
>> Did it just start happening? ie. did rc4 work?
> It goes back to at least 4.0 - that's the oldest kernel I had laying
> around precompiled. The messages about ROM signature changed somewehere
> between 4.0 and 4.7 (4.7 is already like 4.13) but after some time, the
> same vmalloc errors appear.
> Maybe the userspace has changed with more respawning that brings the
> problem out.
> I tried to read the code but I do not understand it yet. The warning
> seems to come from generic pci_map_rom() checking ROM size, and
> returning rom pointer to aty128fb (it returns resource size too but that
> is ignored). aty128fb starts to look at the x86 PCI ROM signature again
> but does not tell that the signature is missing. How come?

OK thanks. Unfortunately I can't really help on the graphics side of
things. Hopefully someone on Cc has more clues than me.


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