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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 11/12] spmi: pmic-arb: add support for HW version 5
On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 03:38:30PM +0530, wrote:
> The intention of this check is to avoid the access to the
> peripherals those are
> not owned by the current EE (APSS) and it is expected to return a
> failure if the
> peripheral that is not owned by the current EE is trying to be accessed.

Thanks for the background of this check.

> Looks like you trying to access the GPIOs 0xc000 and 0xc100,
> which are owned by modem subsystem but not the APSS. That is why you
> seeing the failure for that.
> Please change the ownership of those GPIOs to APSS (id '0') if you
> are working on a non-modem device (APQ).

Yes, it's device apq8016-sbc, and the error message is like below.

[ 1.317186] spmi spmi-0: PMIC arbiter version v2 (0x20010000)
[ 1.324784] spmi spmi-0: failed to xlate sid = 0x0, periph = 0xc0, irq = 0: ee=0 but owner=2
[ 1.329430] spmi spmi-0: failed to xlate sid = 0x0, periph = 0xc0, irq = 0: ee=0 but owner=2
[ 1.337626] qcom-spmi-gpio: probe of 200f000.spmi:pm8916@0:gpios@c000 failed with error -22

I see that 'qcom,ee' property of spmi_bus is already <0>. Is that what
you mean by ownership of those GPIOs?

The pm8916_gpio is working fine on apq8016-sbc device with the current
mainline kernel. It's not good to break the existing device without
a very good. IMO, we should get this fixed before the patch is merged.


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