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Subject[PATCH v1 0/4] clk: iproc: Enable glitchless pll rate change
This patchset enables the ability for the iproc plls to do small rate changes
without glitching the clock.

Lori Hikichi (4):
clk: iproc: Allow iproc pll to runtime calculate vco parameters
clk: iproc: Fix error in the pll post divider rate calculation
clk: iproc: Allow plls to do minor rate changes without reset
clk: iproc: Minor tidy up of iproc pll data structures

drivers/clk/bcm/clk-cygnus.c | 25 +---
drivers/clk/bcm/clk-iproc-pll.c | 260 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------
drivers/clk/bcm/clk-iproc.h | 5 +
3 files changed, 192 insertions(+), 98 deletions(-)


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