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SubjectSometimes supports_usb_power_delivery reports incorrect value.
Hi Heikki,

While testing with different type-c phones available in the market,
With some phones, I noticed that supports_usb_power_delivery
reports "no" eventhough an explicit pd contract has been
established. After spending sometime debugging, I noticed that
the root cause of this is that the partner device(acting as source)
takes too long to send the SRC_CAP message. This makes the
underlying TCPM code to report usb_pd set to 0 while initially
calling typec_register_partner. However,since there is no
provision in the type-c sysfs interface to update
supports_usb_power_delivery once the contract is established,
supports_usb_power_delivery is left to report "no" even if the partner
source device is at present performing Type-C PD.
Is it OK to add a api to enable updating supports_usb_power_delivery
node in the typec sysfs code after typec_register_partner has been
called ? Or do you have other suggestions ? Please advice.

Thanks & Regards,

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